about us

Asper Offshore AS is a fully structured management company for offshore ships. To date, the company is operating 4 offshore guard ships, whereas three of them are fully owned by the company. We are operating the ships accordingly to the customer’s requested offshore locations World Wide.

Asper Sjofrakt (Sea freight) AS is a company that owns and runs sea freight services internally in European speed. The company also operates three freighters that are specialized in transporting fish trimmings throughout Scandinavia. The company also owns two operational commercial well boats.

Asper Security AS is a company that performs special services for special customers. The company was founded in the light of some formidable missions the Asper-group was facing.
- Jetmund, CEO. Master Mariner.

Our vision:

  • Develop equipment and principes in modern technology and design.
  • Safeguarding the environment and coastline.
  • Secure Norwegian jobs at sea.
  • Safeguard the marine environment for future generations.
  • Recruitment and training of personell in shipping and safeguarding.
  • Provide service to existing companies in the same business segments.
  • Focusing on recruiting regional professionals
  • Vessels involved in the Asper-group shall be the most envirofriendly.
  • Asper Norway AS will be a good example for the next generation of seafarers.

Asper Norway AS
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