Asper Norway AS has developed several principles for improving the efficiency of farms in aqua culture.

Anchor Handling
Anchor handling for fish farming with high-tech winches and shark jaws makes localities live longer. Larger Wellboats, current and tide, will cause the anchorage of constructions to shift. We can avoid this by re-tightening the bridle by the cages.


Workers on fish farms save a lot resources having their facilities tightly secured in the ocean.By doing this, moorings can be prevented from being worn out. The process of moving or removing constructions is much more efficient than utilizing catamarans. 

The machine force and Bullardpull can also be used to tow barges and lighters, etc. Our ship holds a commercial towing license, and is classed as a TUG. The winches are high-tech digital monitoring instruments for Bullard, length, speed, plus strechkompensation. Bullardpull is estimated at 50 metric tonnes, which exceeds the average of the tug boats in this size. 

The crane onboard is a Palfinger PK 150002 MK II. It is a double-cylindered crane that reaches 25 meters, and lifts 25 tons in 150Tm moment. The reach makes it possible to reach the center of the cages, lifting the net straight up or lower down the netwasher on deck. We can also easily put out nets, and replacement of nets. The length of the wire is 150 meters. This also makes the crane ideal to use for smaller underwater jobs on the seabed. The process of replacing a net with a cage requires 5-7 men an addition to 3 work boats. We lift the net and change it with a new one in under three hours. Being allowed to treat the nets on board is very efficient for fish breeders in the long run.


ROV Mini Submarine

By having its own hangar below the gallery on the main deck, we can remotely control the ROV from it's garage to frame the podium at the A-frame on the port side of the deck. The ROV is operated from a separate control room below the deck. By using the ROV submarine we can effectively inspect the nets and moorings on the fish farms. Special Mini submarines may also sew and repair the nets below the surface.
If fish manage to escape the farm it can be dangerous, but not only dangerous to the escaped biomass, but also to nature and the environment. Holes and sores on the net have to be sewn immediately to prevent any potential escape. Putting a professional diver's life in danger no matter the weather conditions to accomplish this is expensive. We therefore have available ROVs on board, equipped with sewing machines in their claws. Under all conditions, we can sew damaged nets quickly, efficiently and safely.

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